Welcome to Critter-Proof Composting

If you’re here, we’re going to assume that you love to compost, but have problems with animals, from rats to bears, who love to eat compost.

We’ve developed a solution that’s beautiful, long-lasting – you might even say permanent – and highly effective. It’s been keeping black bears out of compost in Powell River B.C. and surrounding communities since 2009.

Here’s a report from composter owner Crystal Matthews in Rossland, B.C.:

We have lots of bears in the neighbourhood and they had been in our yard.

We kept our kitchen compost in the shed until Sunday.  I also planted my veggie garden on the weekend so  the ground is well tilled and I would be able to see their tracks.

So far no bears sniffing out the compost.  And my garden is still intact.  Yippee – I love this composter.

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